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Barbadillo y Asociados is the most experienced consultancy in Spain in the development and expansion of franchise projects. The consultancy is a founding member and unique Spanish member of the International Franchise Consultants Network (IFCN), with partners in the major European economies. It also publishes the Franchise Guide Spain, the newspaper En Franquicia and portal www.quefranquicia.com

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Franchise consultants

Over 30 years of experience in franchise consultancy in Spain

The Barbadillo y Asociados team of consultants has been working in franchises since 1989, when its founder and current managing director established the first franchise department in the Spanish banking sector at Banco NatWest. Barbadillo y Asociados has developed hundreds of new projects inside and outside of Spain.

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If your business is a proven success and you would like to turn it into a successful franchise, or you would like to expand it nationally or internationally, we can help you. Tell us what type of business you run, its peculiarities and the initial situation. We will provide guidance for you on the best conditions and possibilities for your specific case.

How to franchise your business

If you would like your network of establishments to undergo solid growth, our expansion support and communication services work in coordinated fashion towards achieving this, identifying candidates and proceeding to select them. Well-conducted expansion is a guarantee of consolidation for any franchise network.

How to expand your franchise
Mejor consultoria franquicias

The most experienced franchise consultants

With a history going back more than 30 years, our consultancy services for franchisors and future franchisors adapt to the needs of our clients in each case. Design of new franchise projects, processing of documents needed for franchising, support for the expansion of networks, internationalisation…

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Why a franchise?

The franchise is a highly advantageous system for expanding businesses that have proven to be successful. It enables swift expansion and allows for a lower level of investment for the franchisor, without necessarily losing control of the running and evolution of the network.

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Why a franchise consultancy?

The success of a franchise project depends largely on the conditions that define it. Poor franchise project design will cause numerous problems during expansion and will probably lead to failure.

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Franchise Projects

We turn your business into a franchise, we transmit relational and management guidelines with your future franchisees, etc.

Franchise Expansion

We create strategies and collaborate with the brand throughout the complex process of searching for and selecting franchisees.

Franchise Internationalization

We take your franchise to the market you want or import a model that operates abroad.

Auditing the franchise project

A professional view to detect the weak spots that prevent optimum development of your franchise network.

Strategic Business Fields

ByA Legal

Offers the customer a wide range of fully integrated services of legal advice and defence for disputes.

ByA Properties

Combines the search and expert selection of commercial premises with an integral service that extends from project development to the execution of the works or “key-in-hand” projects, always aiming for excellence and energy efficiency.

ByA Communication and Image

Ascertains brands’ positioning niche in order to reach the business stakeholders, establishing a lasting relationship of trust with them through professional diffusion strategies.

We make an impact through a powerful and emotive image and with creativities developed to surprise both the investor and the end audience.

ByA Financial

Has the largest network of agreements with banking and financial entities to provide businesses with the most suitable credit option in each case.

ByA Innova

Works to perfect franchises’ products and processes, improving their competitiveness at a technological and multidisciplinary level, in order to successfully respond to the needs of the market and optimise businesses’ profitability.

Franchise Lab

With the objective of responding to the lack of training and information that exists with respect to the Franchise System. This area focuses on the development of training courses and ad hoc studies on various aspects of this formula of trade.

Our publications

Barbadillo y Asociados have been releasing this publication annually for more than 20 years. It is aimed at business people who want to make their business grow through the franchise system, and at entrepreneurs who see this formula as an interesting investment or self-employment opportunity.

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Based on the experience of Santiago Barbadillo, the book shows the keys to achieving success, both for people wishing to set up their own business or those who would like to develop a network from an existing one, as well as anybody interested in the most successful commercial system of recent years.

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A pioneering study on the system that focusses on the everyday reality of 550 business people who run a franchise in our country. This survey reveals the aspects entrepreneurs value the most about their head office, and those they would improve in order to facilitate day-to-day management at the helm of their business.

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