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Barbadillo y Asociados is the most experienced consultancy in Spain in the development and expansion of franchise projects. The consultancy is a founding member and unique Spanish member of the International Franchise Consultants Network (IFCN), with partners in the major European economies. It also publishes the Franchise Guide Spain, the newspaper En Franquicia and portal www.quefranquicia.com

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Expansion of the franchise: turn your business into a big network

Expansion of the franchise


We create strategies and collaborate with the brand throughout the whole complex process of searching for and selecting franchisees.

We are a consultancy firm specialising in the development and expansion of franchises. Our knowledge of the national and international market enables us to analyse, advise and support not only businesses that are starting out, but also more consolidated ones, helping them grow under the Franchise System.

In the expansion phase, we help you find franchisees in the expansion zones your brand considers a priority, and determine the geographical areas of potential growth for your network. Our solid experience and professionalism has made us an essential reference for anyone who is interested in setting up or developing their franchise network.

Some of the most prestigious franchise networks both in Spain and internationally have trusted, and still do trust Barbadillo to give the definitive boost to their expansion processes.

The franchise expansion service includes:

Establishing expansion strategies for the franchise

The franchise expansion established by Barbadillo y Asociados for each client is usually strategic, taking into consideration the preference criteria the client sets for us and in accordance with what our experience tells us is best for each case.

Search and selection of franchisee candidates with the established profile

The franchise expansion process must be demanding so as to be able to create quality franchise networks comprised of business people in whose daily activity quality prevails, both in management and in procedures.

Presentation of the business model to each franchisee candidate, indicating the characteristics and advantages of your business

Barbadillo y Asociados immerses itself into every client’s business model in order to be able to transmit it to potential franchisees with full knowledge, whilst also providing all of the experience it has accumulated on franchising.

Selection of potential franchisees through individual meetings and drafting of follow up reports

The work of Barbadillo y Asociados concludes successfully every time a new franchisee joins the network.