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Barbadillo y Asociados is the most experienced consultancy in Spain in the development and expansion of franchise projects. The consultancy is a founding member and unique Spanish member of the International Franchise Consultants Network (IFCN), with partners in the major European economies. It also publishes the Franchise Guide Spain, the newspaper En Franquicia and portal www.quefranquicia.com

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Franchise Auditing

Franchise Auditing

All of the franchise chains, even the most consolidated ones, need the objective, professional vision of an external consultancy in order to detect the weak spots that prevent the optimum development of their franchise network.

At Barbadillo y Asociados we have all the experience and the right personnel to help you detect the opportunities for improvement of your company.

Its franchise project auditing service includes:

Analysis of the franchise documents

Barbadillo y Asociados carries out an in-depth analysis of all of your franchise documents in order to detect any possible flaws and suggest alternatives for updating in accordance with legislation and the functioning of your franchising network.

Verification of the franchise viability plan

Prior to the drafting of your franchise project, a verification of the chain’s viability plan will have to be carried out in order to check whether its characteristics and conditions have been properly defined. The initial situation of the company is taken into account, along with its peculiarities, the sector of activity it operates in and the competition. All in order to adapt the characteristics of the business and of the future franchise to the market and current demand.

Detailed analysis of your franchise contract

With the aim of verifying that the franchise fulfils current regulations and covers any possible legal situations that may arise in the future, at Barbadillo y Asociados we make a detailed, professional analysis of your franchise contract.

Study of the franchise Operations Manuals

The Operations Manuals of your franchise must clearly and fully describe the know-how of the franchise, the procedures, the relational aspects and patterns of behaviour towards customers implemented by the franchisee.

Study of the franchisee recruitment dossier

A detailed analysis of the franchise recruitment dossier must be carried out in order to check that it includes all of the necessary information for the potential franchisee. We also review its design to make it an image tool, an advertisement that attractive enough for potential investors.

Analysis of the current implantation of the franchise

At Barbadillo y Asociados we analyse the current implantation of your franchise and the possible expansion plans of it, with the aim of guaranteeing sustainable, geographically-structured growth for your franchise chain. We confirm that your goals are in line with the reality of the market and compatible with your business model.