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Barbadillo y Asociados is the most experienced consultancy in Spain in the development and expansion of franchise projects. The consultancy is a founding member and unique Spanish member of the International Franchise Consultants Network (IFCN), with partners in the major European economies. It also publishes the Franchise Guide Spain, the newspaper En Franquicia and portal www.quefranquicia.com

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Franchise your business

Franchise your business

Franchising implies duplicating a business that has already been proven to work, and which has done so for long enough to enable us to deduce that it is not merely a passing success. If in addition the management the franchise holder needs to implement is simple enough to not require long training periods and permanent supervision, we are off to a good start.

The simplicity of the business we mentioned above does not mean that only simple businesses can be franchised, but rather that for the franchise system to work better, it is a good idea for the original business to have been “simplified” by the franchisor in order to avoid complex processes that very probably existed previously. Assuming we are therefore starting out from the basis of a business that is duplicable, “simplified” and the success  of  which appears to be solid, we will be able to start to design the project, that is, to establish the conditions that will define our franchise, which will be different to those of any other one because it will have been designed in accordance with our initial conditions, the characteristics of our business and our specific objectives.

Designing a franchise project consists of establishing all of the conditions of it: economic, legal, relational, structural, etc. None of the essential points can be left to chance. One must also ensure that everything fits into the general design framework and that the essential requisite for any franchise project we want to consolidate is met: the franchise can only prosper when its conditions are balanced and the general profitability begins with that of the franchisee.

Search for and selection of franchisees

The franchisee recruitment process, and how careful and demanding we are during it, will largely determine the level of quality of our network. If short-term criteria prevail, of accepting franchisees who are clearly not up to the required level, then we can be sure that we are mortgaging the future of our franchise network and consequently      the prestige of our business model and brand. As absurd as it might seem, this urgency to grow, an unbridled ambition to increase the network and turnover, even when we know we are not being coherent with our own selection criteria, is one of the main causes of failure of a franchise.

Finally, we must always remember that the franchise relationship is a relationship with people who have committed themselves to our business model, entrusting their capital and often their day-to-day work to our skill and capacity to make that activity – our activity – profitable.