Expansion of the franchise


We develop strategies and collaborate with the brand throughout the entire, complex process of searching for, and selecting franchisees.

We are a consulting firm specializing in the development and expansion of franchise operations. Our extensive knowledge of the national and international market enables us to analyze, advise, and support not only businesses who are just getting started, but also more consolidated ones, helping them to flourish under the Franchise System.

In the expansion phase, we help you to discover franchisees in the zones considered most imperative to your brand’s expansion. The geographical area(s) with the most potential for the growth of your operation is also determined at this time. Our extensive network of partnerships, along with our considerable level of experience and knowledge in the industry have designated us an essential resource for anyone interested in setting up, or developing their franchise network.

We are proud to say that some of the most prestigious franchise networks both in Spain and worldwide have put their trust in, and continue to trust Barbadillo y Asociados to provide them with the essential knowledge and resources for the enhancement of their expansion projects.

The franchise expansion service includes:

Establishing expansion strategies for the franchise

The method of franchise expansion established by Barbadillo y Asociados is typically, strategically unique for each client. We accomplish this by taking into great consideration the preferences and criteria set for us by the client, and then by using our experience to determine what is most befitting for each case.

The search and acquisition of qualified, franchisee candidates

The franchise expansion process of selection must be thorough so as to create quality franchise networks comprised of business associates with a reliable and proven work ethic, and who excel in both management and day-to-day operations.

The presentation of the business model to each franchisee candidate, illustrating the characteristics and advantages of your business

Barbadillo y Asociados becomes immersed into every detail of the client’s business model in order to thoroughly educate potential franchisees, whilst also providing all of our own experience and knowledge accumulated on the industry.

The selection of potential franchisees through deliberation and the drafting of follow-up reports

The efforts of Barbadillo y Asociados are proudly achieved every time a new franchisee joins the network.