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At Barbadillo & Asociados we help you in these initial moments that will be critical for the construction and expansion of the franchise network to be done in an orderly and efficient manner.

Experience at your service

The team of consultants at Barbadillo & Asociados has been working in franchising since 1992, just after its founder and current managing director left Banco Natwest Franchise Unit, established in 1989 as the first franchise department in the Spanish banking system. Since then, Barbadillo & Asociados has developed hundreds of new projects inside and outside of Spain.

We are interested in your project

If your business is gaining momentum and you’re looking to turn it into a successful franchise, or you would like to expand it nationally or internationally, we can help you. Inform us about your business. Tell us what makes your operation unique, and help us to discover together your vision for your company. Our team of expert consultants will provide strategic guidance for you about the best possibilities and growth opportunities for your specific venture.

The expansion of your franchise

If you want your network to grow robustly, our communication services and expansion support work in coordination towards achieving it, identifying candidates and proceeding to their selection. Well-conducted expansion is a guarantee of consolidation for any franchise network.

The most experienced franchise consultants.

With a history going back more than 34 years, our consulting services adapt to the needs of our clients in each case. We specialize in the design of new franchise projects, the processing of documents needed for franchising, the support for the expansion of networks and internationalization.

Why create a franchise network.

Franchising is a highly advantageous system for expanding businesses that have proven to exhibit merit. It enables swift expansion and allows for a lower level of investment for the franchisor without necessarily losing control of the management and evolution of the network.



The success of a franchise depends largely on the conditions that define it. Poor franchise project design will cause numerous problems during expansion and will inevitably lead to failure.

Franchise Projects


We transform your business into a franchise. We disclose the relational and managerial guidelines to your future franchisees.

Franchise Network Expansion


We create strategies and collaborate with the brand throughout the complex process of searching for, and selecting franchisees.

Auditing the franchise project

We offer a professional assessment to detect any weak spots that prevent optimum development of your franchise network.

Franchise Internationalization

We take your franchise to the market of your interest and/or import a model that operates abroad.

Strategic Business business management

ByA – Legal

Offers the client a wide range of fully integrated, legal services for advisement on disputes, defense, and any challenges that may arise.

ByA – Communication and Corporative Image

Ascertains the brand’s market niche in order to reach the business stakeholders with an impressive message and image.

ByA – Innova 

Works to perfect the products and operations of the franchise, improving their overall effectiveness at a technological and multifaceted level.

ByA – Properties 

Combines the search for, and expert selection of commercial premises with an integral service of design and execution of work.

ByA – Financial 

Maintains the most expansive network of partnerships with banking and financial entities to better provide operations with the most suitable credit options available.

ByA – Franchise Lab

It focuses on the development of training courses and ad hoc studies on different aspects of this trade formula.

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