We create strategies and collaborate with the brand throughout the complex process of searching for, and selecting franchisees.

Successful franchise growth

We are a consulting firm specializing in the development and expansion of franchise operations. Our knowledge of the national and international market enables us to analyze, advise, and support not only businesses who are just getting started, but also more consolidated ones, helping them to flourish under the Franchise System.

In the expansion phase, we help you to find franchisees in the areas of expansion that your brand considers a priority, as well as to determine the geographical areas of potential growth for your network. Our solid experience and professionalism have made us a benchmark in the start-up and development of associated retail networks.

Some of the most prestigious franchise networks both in Spain and internationally have relied and continue to rely on Barbadillo & Asociados to give a definitive boost to their expansion and growth processes.


The franchise expansion service includes:

Establishing expansion strategies for the franchise

We define with each client the expansion strategy best suited to their situation, as well as to the conditions of the head office and the business to be franchised.


We put our experience at the disposal of our clients to define the guidelines for their expansion.

Search for franchisees in accordance with the established profile

The expansion process of a franchise network must start with good communication, not so much designed with the objective of generating as many candidates as possible, but with a focus on quality.


At Barbadillo & Asociados we have our own tools designed to achieve this objective, but we also have the means of partners with whose alliances we have the most outstanding supports in the Spanish entrepreneurial market.


In-house and external support for the identification of the best candidates for our clients.

Candidate selection

The expansion process of a franchisee selection will be essential in building a solid, long-term franchise network.
The two keys to success in this process will be exigency and experience.

The exigency will be evident by avoiding the rush to "push" any candidate to join the network, when they clearly do not have the necessary characteristics to adequately manage the business.

Experience will avoid mistakes in the selection process that in the medium term could be the source of serious conflicts and the loss of members of the network. In addition, it will allow negotiating with the candidate, or their lawyer, the possible changes that they would like to introduce in the franchise contract.

Constant communication with our clients

Barbadillo & Asociados keeps each client permanently informed of the evolution of their candidates in the selection process. Thanks to a CRM tailored to the needs of the franchisee selection process, we monitor each candidate until the franchise contract is signed.

Our clients receive a detailed monthly report of all the actions carried out and the candidates in the process.

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