Barbadillo & Asociados is the most experienced franchise consulting firm in Spain. Our team of professional, dedicated consultants have partnered with, and assisted in the developmental growth of more than two thousand franchise operations, while extending the networks of numerous clientele and advancing the success of hundreds of companies both nationally and internationally.

Barbadillo & Asociados was founded on the basis of the experience in the franchise market of two of its partners: Santiago Barbadillo and Juan Ulloa, both directors of the franchise department of Banco NatWest, the first department specialised in the analysis of franchise projects in the Spanish banking sector.

Since then, Barbadillo & Asociados has been growing progressively, both in its structure and its presence in the market. In addition, the franchise consultancy firm has collaborators in several countries around the world, through the IFCN (International Franchise Consultants Network), of which it is a founding member and the only Spanish partner.

Barbadillo & Asociados is a member of the Spanish Franchise Association. It also publishes the Spanish Franchise Guide and operates the portal:

35 años de experiencia como consultora de franquicias

“Since the beginning of Barbadillo y Asociados, the advancement of the Franchise System, has been the fundamental goal of our consultancy. Today we continue to support, train, and educate on this commerce formula whose effectiveness and formidable position have proven highly successful in comparison to other, independent commercial alternatives.”

Santiago Barbadillo

About Santiago Barbadillo

a leader in franchise and Managing Director of Barbadillo & Asociados

Born in Madrid, Santiago Barbadillo is a Ciencias Empresariales por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid y Master en International Banking e International Marketing por Heythrop Park College, Oxford.

Initially, his career was fortified in the National Westminster Bank, a financial institution where he trained in the franchise system by working in the Franchise Unit in London.

In 1988, he established and managed the Franchise Department of NatWest Bank in Spain, a pioneer in offering these kinds of specialist services in the Spanish banking sector.

He has been a franchise consultant since 1992 and CEO of Barbadillo & Asociados since 1994.

In addition, he is Advisor to multiple franchise networks and a regular speaker at courses, conferences, and seminars related to the franchise commerce system.

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