By utilizing the specific Marketing and Communication services for the advancement of franchises developed within our consultancy, we position your brand in the mainstream communications media. Not only do we enlist the press, specialty magazines, radio, and television, but we also take advantage of the most relevant Internet portals in order to gain greater brand notoriety and better product/service positioning. Pero además, logramos que su empresa aparezca entre las mejores opciones de inversión o como franquicia destacada entre las numerosas opciones que ofrece el Sistema de Franquicia

Brand positioning: Key to a successful franchise


El Departamento de Marketing de Barbadillo & Asociados es especialista en crear y desarrollar original solutions for the circulation and communication of your brand amongst potential franchise holders. Throughout our years of operation, it has contributed efficiently to the diffusion in the media of a large number of brands, the prestige of whom are recognized today.

Being recognized on the market is vitally important for the expansion of your franchise to be successful and undergo permanent, sustainable growth. People trust what they know. That said, marketing and good franchise communication management are essential for achieving the necessary impact on the market, which in turn is a condition for gaining a high number of candidates, subsequently allowing for an optimal selection.

Para conseguir sus objetivos en comunicación, Barbadillo & Asociados cuenta con los siguientes recursos sobre los cuatro puntos siguientes:

A valuable relationship with the franchise communications media

Medios generales, económicos y especializados que permiten lograr apariciones gratuitas para nuestros clientes. El hecho de ser un gabinete de prensa especializado en franquicias convierte a Barbadillo & Asociados en una reference for the media. The Barbadillo & Asociados consultancy has all the resources for making your franchise a successful reference.

Execution and participation in franchise symposiums, seminars, and fairs

Lo que permite a Barbadillo & Asociados ser un referente obligado para cualquier persona interesada en invertir en franquicias. A través de este tipo de events , we are able to publicize our franchise operations and stimulate their expansion.

Our franchise media is placed at the service of our customers

As the operator of our own media outlet, this creates yet another advantage for the exposure of potential franchises. Our franchise portal, along with the Spanish Franchise Guide, the daily newsletters, our newspaper En Franquicia que se distribuye en las principales ferias de franquicia y emprendeduría de nuestro país y los monográficos especializados son, entre otros, medios sumamente eficaces y gratuitos para las franquicias que confían en Barbadillo & Asociados para que gestione su expansión.

Our exclusive databases are comprised of thousands of exceptional candidates

Due to their distinguished profile, we maintain an extensive network of ideal recipients open to franchise opportunities and business proposals.

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