Franchising franchising

We help you develop your business into a franchise project, advising you on the general viability, the circumstances and characteristics. We also discuss the many other essential aspects to bear in mind, such as the relational guidelines with your franchisees, the franchisor’s structure for the support of the franchise network, etc.

The elements required in this initial phase, prior to the expansion of your franchise, will be as follows:

  • Feasibility Plan.

  • Documentary Development

The franchise project feasibility plan

The development of the franchise project starts with an exhaustive preliminary analysis in order to verify the possibilities of success of the business model as a franchise.

The stage is of great importance, as it not only determines the viability of the project, but also constitutes the basis on which all subsequent documentary development and, ultimately, the success of the franchise will be based.

Documentary basis of the franchising

Once the viability of the franchise project has been analysed, and its characteristics and conditions have been determined, Barbadillo & Asociados consultants develop all the elements that make up the documentary basis of your project, which are necessary to be able to franchise.

These elements are:

  • Franchise commercial dossier.
  • Franchise contract and precontract.
  • Franchise Operational Manuals.
  • Visual Identity and Corporate Image Manual
Franchise commercial dossier.

It is the first reference that the potential franchisee receives of the company and its business model. For this reason, it must attract the candidate's attention from the very first moment. Barbadillo & Asociados is responsible for its design, development and contents (texts, creativity and layout), always providing original and tailor-made solutions.

Franchise contract and precontract.

It is the essential document to regulate the relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee. The Barbadillo & Asociados legal department is responsible for the complete drafting of your Franchise contract and precontract., as well as the DIP (Pre-contractual Information Document), within the ethical framework of the European Franchise Code of Ethics, Spanish legislation and current EU legislation.

Franchise Operation Manuals.

They constitute the procedural and relational framework within the franchise network.

The success of the transmission of knowledge of the business and of the rules of internal relations in the chain depends on the preparation of these franchise manuals . In addition, its content will provide legal support for the procedures that the franchisor may impose on the franchisee and that the franchisee must comply with in the management of his business.

Ultimately, the operational manuals will allow all units in the network to function in a similar and coordinated manner.

Visual Identity Guide.

It is the document that contains the graphic characteristics of the franchise brand.

It will define in detail the characteristics of the logo and the rest of the distinctive signs of the system, as well as their application in the business. This tool is essential to avoid an inappropriate duplication of the corporate elements by the franchisee, and especially of the trademark and the elements that comprise it.
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