The natural step for any company or franchise whose growth in its country of origin is consolidated is to make the leap abroad.

At Barbadillo & Asociados we take your franchise to the market of your choice or we work on importing foreign franchises.

Import of master contracts

Our extensive network of offices in strategic countries allows us to offer our clients the opportunity to import brands that do not exist in our country. What do our international services consist of?

If you are an investor interested in importing a franchise, at Barbadillo & Asociados we can advise you on the business concepts that are proving successful in other countries and we will help you manage the acquisition of master franchise rights, or other formats where appropriate.

The import of master franchises calls for a comprehensive study of the business model and the possible adaptations to the culture of the country in which it is to be implanted. An in-depth study of the franchise contract and its implementation is also necessary. Our international presence and experience are at your service to achieve optimal success.

Export of master contracts

If you have a consolidated business and wish to export it to new markets through master franchise agreements or joint ventures, we collaborate in the management and search for investors/franchisees in the target country.

Our network of contacts and international offices have all of the experience and knowledge of the industry needed to establish your brand in other countries through the search for individual, regional, or national franchisees.

IFCN, a select select network of international consultants at your service

Barbadillo & Asociados is a founding member of the International Franchise Consultant Network (IFNC), the network of international franchise consultants whose ethical standards, which are essential for all of its members, make it a necessary resource for European franchises wishing to export their business models. If you need support in any of the countries where the network operates, or you are interested in a global offer for expanding your franchise on several markets in parallel, the IFCN is the best resource at your disposal.
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